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------ The KY-APRM series Key FeatureslSpectral Range 850-1650nml3dB Band-width7.5GHzlSensitivity:-26.5dBmlSaturated optical power: -4dBmlIntegrates low noise transimpedance amplifierlTemperature compensation circuitlCompact structure,SMA outputApplicationslHigh-speed optical fiber transmission system such as SONET, SDHlMicrowave photonic linkDescription The KY-APRM-10G series 10Gbps APD high speed photoreceiver integrates high-speed InGaAs APD avalanche photodiode, automatic gain control circuit and low-noise broadband transimpedance amplifier. It features high gain, high sensitivity, AC-coupled output and flat gain. The built-in temperature compensation circuit ensures the output stability of the photodetector module at different temperatures.The module is powered by DC 12V, the fib...
------ The KY-PRM seriesKey FeatureslSpectral Range 850-1650nml3dB Band-width10GHzlSensitivity:-19dBmlSaturated optical power:1dBmlIntegrates low noise transimpedance amplifierlCompact structure,SMA outputApplicationslHigh-speed optical pulse detectionlMicrowave photonic linklOptical phased array radarlBrillouin fiber sensing systemlHigh-speed optical fiber communication systemDescription The KY-PRM-10G series 10GHz high speed photoreceiver integrates 10GHz PIN detector and low noise broadband transimpedance amplifier. It features high gain, high sensitivity, AC-coupled output and flat gain. The module is powered by DC 12V, the fiber interface is FC/APC, and the electrical signal is output by the SMA port. It’s mainly used in high-speed fiber transmission systems, ROF ,fiber sensing s...
------ The KY-PD SeriesKey FeatureslSpectral range 850 ~ 1650nml3dB bandwidth is greater than 20GHzlResponsivity 0.85A / WlSmall sizelHermetically sealedlHigh reliabilitylSMA / K outputApplicationslHigh-speed transmission equipmentlRadio over fiverlOptical fiber sensing systemDescriptionKY-PD-10G/20G high-speed photodetector adopts high-performance PIN detector, which has the characteristics of high bandwidth, high responsivity, flat gain, small size, etc. The power supply is DC 5V, and the fiber interface is FC / APC. SMA output port, mainly used in high-speed optical fiber transmission system, ROF, optical fiber sensing system.Ordering InformationKY-PD--BW-XX-FA/FPBW—Bandwidth:10G---10GHz 20G-20GHzPP—Input Fiber:SM, MM, PMFA/FP—Interface:FA---FC/APC;FP---FC/PCPerformance ParametersParame...
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