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------ The KY-BPRM seriesKey Featuresl  Spectral Range 800~1700nm l  3dB bandwidth 5GHzl  Rise time l  CMRR30dBl  Low noisel  Single power supply DC 12Vl  Dimensions 47x42x20mml  Can be customizedApplicationsl  Coherent optical communicationl  Laser radarl  Brillouin Optical Fiber Sensing Systeml  f-OTDR l  OCT(Optical coherent tomography) Description The KY-BPRM series balanced photoreceiver integrates two matched high linearity analog PIN detector and low noise broadband transimpedance amplifier, with high gain, high sensitivity, AC coupling output and high common-mode rejection ratio(CMRR). This can effectively reduce the common mode noise of the input light and improve the signal to noise ratio of the system. Th...
------The KY-ICR seriesKey Featuresl  Wavelength: C-bandl  Single-channel bandwidth:10M/200M/1Gl  Integrated 90 ° Hybrid and 4-way balanced detectorl  High gainl  Low noisel  AC couplingl  Easy to usel  DC 5V power supplyl  SMA outputApplicationsl  Space optical communication systeml  Optical fiber sensing systemDescriptionThe KY-ICR-BW coherent receiver module consists of two polarization beam splitters, a dual-polarization 90-degree optical mixer, four performance-matched balanced detectors and power and control circuits. The dual-polarization 90-degree optical mixer demodulates the incident signal light by an external reference light source, and is converted into an electrical signal by four balanced detectors, then amplified o...
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