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Product introductionThe KY-OS-DFB-XX series multi-channel DFB laser source adopts high-performance DFB laser, uniquely designed ATC&APC circuit and isolation control to ensure extremely high power and wavelength stability. Wavelengths are available in O, C and L band, using polarization-maintaining fiber output. This product is widely used in fiber component testing, optical fiber sensing system, CWDM and DWDM system testing and other fields.Key Featuresl  Optional ITU wavelengthl  Output power 20Mwl  Multiple channels are optionall  Line width 200K,2M optionall  Built-in optical isolatorl  Polarization-maintaining fiber outputl  Desktop packageApplicationsl  DWDM optical fiber communication systeml  Optical fiber sensing systeml  Micro...
------ The KY-BPRM seriesKey Featuresl  Spectral Range 800~1700nm l  3dB bandwidth 5GHzl  Rise time l  CMRR30dBl  Low noisel  Single power supply DC 12Vl  Dimensions 47x42x20mml  Can be customizedApplicationsl  Coherent optical communicationl  Laser radarl  Brillouin Optical Fiber Sensing Systeml  f-OTDR l  OCT(Optical coherent tomography) Description The KY-BPRM series balanced photoreceiver integrates two matched high linearity analog PIN detector and low noise broadband transimpedance amplifier, with high gain, high sensitivity, AC coupling output and high common-mode rejection ratio(CMRR). This can effectively reduce the common mode noise of the input light and improve the signal to noise ratio of the system. Th...
------The KY-ICR seriesKey Featuresl  Wavelength: C-bandl  Single-channel bandwidth:10M/200M/1Gl  Integrated 90 ° Hybrid and 4-way balanced detectorl  High gainl  Low noisel  AC couplingl  Easy to usel  DC 5V power supplyl  SMA outputApplicationsl  Space optical communication systeml  Optical fiber sensing systemDescriptionThe KY-ICR-BW coherent receiver module consists of two polarization beam splitters, a dual-polarization 90-degree optical mixer, four performance-matched balanced detectors and power and control circuits. The dual-polarization 90-degree optical mixer demodulates the incident signal light by an external reference light source, and is converted into an electrical signal by four balanced detectors, then amplified o...
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