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Product introductionThe KY-QRA series raman fiber amplifier uses imported high-performance and high-power 1480nm pump lasers, which can achieve 1W continuous output by polarization combining. The purely analog pump laser drive circuit guarantees the high gain and low noise figure of the amplifier.The desktop machine can display the input and output optical power, pump laser operating current, working temperature, cooling current and other parameters in real time.This product is mainly used in long-distance optical fiber communication systems, optical fiber sensing systems, scientific research and other fields.Key Featuresl  Wavelength 1527~1563nml  Output power is optional 500mW, 1Wl  Gain Typ.12dBl  Noise figurel  Gain flatnessl  Output power is adjustablel&#...
------ The KY-BPRM seriesKey FeatureslWavelength C-bandlSingle bandwidth 29GHzlRate up to 4x32GbaudlInternal integrated PBS and 90° HybridlGain is automatic/manual controllPower supply DC 12VlSoftware controllK-type connector outputApplicationsl100Gbps DQPSK optical fiber communication systemlMicrowave photonic linkDescription The KY-BPRM-100G series 100Gbps coherent receiver module consists of two polarization beam splitters, a dual-polarization 90-degree optical mixer, four performance-matched balanced detectors with TIA and power and control circuits.The dual-polarization 90-degree optical mixer demodulates the incident signal light by an external reference light source, and is converted into an electrical signal by four balanced detectors, then amplified output by TIA. It fea...
Product introductionThe KY-WBA-40G wideband amplifier is a driver amplifier mainly used for lithium niobate electro-optic intensity and phase modulator. Its bandwidth can reach 30K~40GHz, the highest can achieve 40Gbps NRZ wideband signal amplification up to 7.5Vpp.It can also output one -10~10V DC voltage for electro-optic intensity modulator bias voltage adjustment, gain and bias voltage are displayed adjustable.This product is mainly used in 40Gbps optical fiber communication systems, quantum communication, picosecond pulse amplification, optical fiber sensing systems and other fields.Key FeatureslBandwidth 30K~40GHzlGain25dblSaturated output 7.5VpplRise timelGain and bias voltage display are adjustablelDC bias -10~10VoutputlConvenient to useApplicationsl40Gbps optical fiber communicati...
Product introductionThe KY-OS-DFB-XX series multi-channel DFB laser source adopts high-performance DFB laser, uniquely designed ATC&APC circuit and isolation control to ensure extremely high power and wavelength stability. Wavelengths are available in O, C and L band, using polarization-maintaining fiber output. This product is widely used in fiber component testing, optical fiber sensing system, CWDM and DWDM system testing and other fields.Key Featuresl  Optional ITU wavelengthl  Output power 20Mwl  Multiple channels are optionall  Line width 200K,2M optionall  Built-in optical isolatorl  Polarization-maintaining fiber outputl  Desktop packageApplicationsl  DWDM optical fiber communication systeml  Optical fiber sensing systeml  Micro...
Key Featuresl10GHz and 40GHz optional bandwidthlGain 25dBlSaturated output Max.25dBm (11Vpp)lRise time Min.lLow jitterlDC12V power supplylOptional power modulelEasy to useApplicationslHigh-speed optical fiber communication systemlQuantum communicationlPicosecond pulse amplificationlOptical fiber sensing systemProduct Listl10G driver modulel10G high output driver modulel40G driver moduleDescriptionThe KY-MD-XX series electro-optic modulator driver module is a broadband, high-output driver amplifier mainly used for lithium niobate electro-optical intensity and phase modulator. Its working bandwidth is up to 30K ~ 40GHz, and it can achieve a maximum of 42Gbps NRZ wideband signal amplification up to 8Vpp. It is mainly used in high-speed optical fiber communication systems, quantum communicatio...
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