Why Laser Light Source Will Be the Future Direction

Date: 2019-01-16
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Nowadays, more and more home appliance manufacturers are beginning to move closer to the laser TV product line. With the deepening of a series of brands, laser projections have gradually gained the attention of the consumer groups. For families who love movies and have ample family space, building a home theater is no longer a dream. Looking at the projector market, we can find that the light source is mainly divided into three categories, namely the bulb light source, the LED light source and the laser light source. What are the differences between the three types of light sources? Why do most people in the industry regard laser projection as a future product for projectors? Let us analyze it together.

Throughout the market, we can find that different forms of light sources have been developed in different fields. For example, traditional bulb sources are currently widely used, and the market share is still large. They occupy a large share in the commercial and household fields. Laser light source can achieve ultra-high brightness, used in professional fields such as digital cinema and engineering. LED light source is mainly used in entertainment, micro-portable projection equipment and other fields.

Traditional bulb light source:

The essence of the traditional light source is mainly ultra-high pressure mercury lamp and xenon lamp, which is the projection light source with the longest development time and mature technology. It has a wide range of applications, covering home, business, engineering and education. It is currently a high-specific light source in the projector market. The projectors that are basically seen in classrooms and conference rooms are products of traditional light sources.

Traditional light sources have high brightness up to tens of thousands of lumens. The space that can be adjusted in terms of color is large, making it more adaptable. The most important point is that the price is low, which greatly reduces the cost. At present, the traditional light source is mainly applied to the basic products and high-end products. The high-end products are mainly because of their good color performance, so there are products of bulb light sources in high-end home theaters.

However, there is a fatal weakness of conventional light sources: a short life. The life of the bulb source under normal use is generally concentrated around 4000-6000 hours, which is much different from other sources. The attenuation of the traditional bulb light source during use will make the image darker and yellower (such as brightness attenuation, color saturation contrast reduction, etc.). For high-demand places such as movie theaters, the bulb has to be replaced for this purpose, which causes the cost of post-maintenance is high.

LED light source:

The development time of LED light source projectors is also very long, It features a small body, high portability and easy to use. At present, the performance of LED light source projectors has reached the high-definition level. The mainstream LED light source projectors are mainly based on hundreds of lumens HD projectors, which have been recognized by many users and bring great convenience for small business and personal entertainment. Since the imaging structure of the LED light source is simpler, the volume and power consumption of the projector are effectively reduced, and the LED light source projector is more portable. At the same time, the life of the LED light source is long, generally ten thousand hours, and the performance in the color gamut is also very prominent.

However, brightness is the biggest drawback of LED light source projectors, and it is always difficult to break through. Because the technical bottleneck of the LED light source is still relatively obvious, the green LED has a low luminous frequency, the heat dissipation problem is relatively prominent, and the cost is relatively expensive, so the high-brightness LED micro projector has been difficult to appear.

Laser light source:

The laser light source can be said to be the most popular projection source in recent years. In the past two years, laser light source has gradually moved from professional fields to daily life. In terms of the current situation, whether it is the traditional business and education market, or the engineering and home market, the laser light source has great potential. Just as yesterday, Mijia also got involved in the field of laser TV, and launched a 150-inch laser TV product.

The reason why the laser light source is selected may be that the laser light source has the characteristics of large wavelength selectivity and high spectral brightness, and can synthesize the color gamut coverage of more than 90% of the natural color seen by the human eye, thereby achieving perfect color reproduction. At the same time, the laser light source has ultra-high brightness and long service life, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost in the later period. At the same time, the laser projector can be started almost instantaneously and instantaneously reaches the working brightness, so the laser light source projector can be quickly turned on and off. The traditional light bulb needs to work for a period of time to reach a stable working temperature when it is turned on, and it takes a while to shut down when the light bulb is turned off, and the switching machine is time consuming.

However, due to technical and cost issues, RGB tri-color lasers are too expensive. Currently, the general price of laser light source products on the market is too high, and the popularity is not very satisfactory. It is impossible to replace traditional light sources and LED light sources in the short term. However, the laser light source must be the inevitable trend of the development of future projection light sources. With the continuous innovation of technology, the laser light source will be popularized in the projection field, and the price will no longer be a problem that hinders the development of the industry.

At last:

From a theoretical point of view, a projector using a laser light source can achieve a color space that is much larger than a conventional light source, and whose color performance is higher than that of a conventional light source. At the same time, the traditional projector will produce brightness attenuation, color saturation and contrast reduction, etc. during use, so that the output image quality is greatly reduced compared with the new projector. The projector with laser light source maintains high brightness, color saturation and contrast for a long time due to the low attenuation of the light source, and the color of the picture is always bright and new.

In the long run, because laser projection technology is used by many manufacturers in the industry, its production cost and price barrier will fall to a level acceptable to ordinary users in a certain period of time. Considering the post-maintenance cost of the product and the performance of the product, the laser projector is the best tool for home theater.

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