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------ The KY-MD-XX seriesKey Featuresl  10G, 20G, 40GHz optional bandwidthl  Gain 25dBl  Saturated output Max.25dBm (11Vpp)l  Rise time Min.l  Low jitterl  DC12V power supplyl  Easy to useApplicationsl  High-speed optical fiber communication systeml  Quantum communicationl  Picosecond pulse amplificationl  Optical fiber sensing systemProduct Listl  10G driver modulel  10G high output driver modulel  20G driver modulel  40G driver module  DescriptionThe KY-MD-XX series electro-optic modulator driver module is a broadband, high-output driver amplifier mainly used for lithium niobate electro-optical intensity and phase modulator. Its working bandwidth is up to 30K ~ 40GHz, and it can achieve a maximum of 42G...
DescriptionThe KY-AM series electro-optic intensity modulator utilizes the electro-optical effect of lithium niobate,and push-pull Mach-Zehnder interference structure to achieve intensity modulation of optical signals. It features low insertion loss, high modulation bandwidth, high extinction ratio, low half-wave voltage and high damage optical power. This product is mainly used for electro-optical signal conversion in high-speed optical fiber communication systems, the generation of light sidebands, high extinction ratio light pulse generation in quantum communication, microwave fiber link and other fields.Key FeatureslWavelengths optionallLow half-wave voltagelHigh bandwidthlLow insertion lossApplicationslHigh-speed optical fiber communication systemslMicrowave fiber linklQuantum communi...
DescriptionThe KY-PM series electro-optic phase modulator utilizes the electro-optical effect of lithium niobate to achieve phase modulation of optical signals, and uses titanium diffusion or proton exchange process to fabricate optical waveguides, which can achieve dual-polarization or single-polarization phase modulation. It has low insertion loss, high modulation bandwidth, low half-wave voltage, high damage optical power, etc.This product is mainly used for optical chirp control in high-speed optical communication systems, phase delay in coherent communication systems, the generation of optical sidebands, phase modulation in quantum communication, reducing stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in analog optical fiber communication systems and other fields.Key FeatureslWavelengths optio...
DescriptionThe KY-MU-SSB-15 series product is an optical CS-SSB modulation module developed by our company. The modulation module integrates Mach-Zehnder dual parallel modulators, bias point control circuits, 90 degree hybrid splitter, can achieve stable and reliable single sideband modulation, and can switch between left and right sideband control as needed. This product is mainly used in Brillouin fiber sensing systems, microwave photonics, gas detection and other fields.Key Features lWavelength C-bandlSideband suppression ratio:30dBlCarrier suppression ratio: 26dBlUp and down sidebandslConvenient to use and reliableApplicationslOptical fiber sensing systemlMicrowave photonicslGas detectionlOptical fiber communication systemsParametersParametersSymbolMin.Typ.Max.UnitCarrier Optical Sourc...
------ The KY-AM -10Key Featuresl1064nm OperationlLow insertion lossl3dB bandwidth 5GHzlLow half-wave voltagelHigh Extinction Ratio 50dBApplicationslOptical Pulse GenerationlOptical fiber sensing systemlLaser mode lockingDescription The 1064nm high extinction ratio electro-optical intensity modulator integrates two Mach-Zehnder intensity modulators with a push-pull structure, which can achieve an extinction ratio of up to 50dB. It is used in the fields of high-speed optical pulse generation, fiber sensing, and laser mode locking.Block diagram ParametersParametersSymbolMin.Typ.Max.UnitOptical ParametersCystalLiNbO3 X-Cut Y-PropWaveguide processAPEWavelengthl98010641100nmInsertion loss*IL78dBOptical return lossORL-40dBExtinction ratio @DCER@DC50dBPolarization extinction...
Key FeatureslC and L-Band OperationlLow insertion lossl3dB bandwidth 10GHzlExtinction ratio 35/40dBlLow half-wave voltagelIntegrated Monitor PhotodiodelTelecordia GR-468-COREApplicationslMicrowave fiber linklQuantum communicationlOptical Pulse GenerationlOptical fiber sensing systemlLaser mode lockingDescriptionThe 1550nm High Extinction Ratio LiNbO3 electro-optical intensity modulator based on the M-Z push-pull structure has a low half-wave voltage and stable physical and chemical characteristics, and the device has a high response rate, high extinction ratio(40dB) and is therefore widely used in microwave fiber link, Quantum communication, optical Q-switched systems, laser mode-locking, and fiber sensing . Schematic diagram  ParametersParametersSymbolMin.Typ.Max.UnitOptica...
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