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DescriptionThe KY-PM series electro-optic phase modulator utilizes the electro-optical effect of lithium niobate to achieve phase modulation of optical signals, and uses titanium diffusion or proton exchange process to fabricate optical waveguides, which can achieve dual-polarization or single-polarization phase modulation. It has low insertion loss, high modulation bandwidth, low half-wave voltage, high damage optical power, etc.This product is mainly used for optical chirp control in high-speed optical communication systems, phase delay in coherent communication systems, the generation of optical sidebands, phase modulation in quantum communication, reducing stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in analog optical fiber communication systems and other fields.Key FeatureslWavelengths optio...
DescriptionThe KY-MU-SSB-15 series product is an optical CS-SSB modulation module developed by our company. The modulation module integrates Mach-Zehnder dual parallel modulators, bias point control circuits, 90 degree hybrid splitter, can achieve stable and reliable single sideband modulation, and can switch between left and right sideband control as needed. This product is mainly used in Brillouin fiber sensing systems, microwave photonics, gas detection and other fields.Key Features lWavelength C-bandlSideband suppression ratio:30dBlCarrier suppression ratio: 26dBlUp and down sidebandslConvenient to use and reliableApplicationslOptical fiber sensing systemlMicrowave photonicslGas detectionlOptical fiber communication systemsParametersParametersSymbolMin.Typ.Max.UnitCarrier Optical Sourc...
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