The application field continues to expand. The fiber laser market has broad prospects.

Date: 2019-01-16
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The emerging fiber laser technology market is expected to make significant progress in the sensing and medical fields, and the innovation in laser welding and 3D printing technology means that material processing remains the main market focus in the medium term.

Market research firm IDTechEx said: ' Market research firm IDTechEx said: 'The fiber laser is a compact, energy-efficient laser system that provides the best beam quality for applications where accuracy is critical. Because the technology is based on optical fiber, there are no free-space optical and mechanical components, that provide excellent system stability and long product life. Directing the laser radiation through the fiber to the application point ensures safe operation of the human body and simplifies integration with the machine. ”

As a result, fiber lasers can be used to replace traditional laser or non-laser technologies in a variety of industries to maximize processing speed and accuracy while minimizing operating costs. The chart below shows some of the end industries that can benefit from fiber laser technology.

Within the fiber laser, rare earth metal dopants can be used as gain media and determine output wavelengths: 1μm, 1.5μm, and 2μm, which are common infrared bands optimized for fiber laser applications in materials processing, sensing, and healthcare. In addition, mid-infrared supercontinuum (wideband) laser sources and visible light doubling laser sources are also available for professional applications in sensing and healthcare. IDTechEx points out: 'Fiber lasers can easily achieve an average output power of several kilowatts, or function as an ultra-fast pulse energy source based on the system architecture.'

Addressable market

Material processing: Continuous improvement and innovation have made fiber lasers a large share of the laser material processing market. However, Continuous technological innovation led by major suppliers such as IPG Photonics in the US enables fiber lasers to further replace other non-laser technologies.

Market research firm IDTechEx said that advances in fiber laser welding and 3D printing technology are important for lightweighting in the automotive and aerospace industries.

The commercial application of sensing fiber lasers in sensing is often limited to high precision laser radar (LiDAR) technology applications such as ground mapping, ranging and wind speed sensing. In addition, emerging fiber laser technologies are expected to have a significant impact on gas sensing and structural health monitoring over the next decade.

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