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DescriptionThe KY-AM series electro-optic intensity modulator utilizes the electro-optical effect of lithium niobate,and push-pull Mach-Zehnder interference structure to achieve intensity modulation of optical signals. It features low insertion loss, high modulation bandwidth, high extinction ratio, low half-wave voltage and high damage optical power. This product is mainly used for electro-optical signal conversion in high-speed optical fiber communication systems, the generation of light sidebands, high extinction ratio light pulse generation in quantum communication, microwave fiber link and other fields.Key FeatureslWavelengths optionallLow half-wave voltagelHigh bandwidthlLow insertion lossApplicationslHigh-speed optical fiber communication systemslMicrowave fiber linklQuantum communi...
------ The KY-AM -10Key Featuresl1064nm OperationlLow insertion lossl3dB bandwidth 5GHzlLow half-wave voltagelHigh Extinction Ratio 50dBApplicationslOptical Pulse GenerationlOptical fiber sensing systemlLaser mode lockingDescription The 1064nm high extinction ratio electro-optical intensity modulator integrates two Mach-Zehnder intensity modulators with a push-pull structure, which can achieve an extinction ratio of up to 50dB. It is used in the fields of high-speed optical pulse generation, fiber sensing, and laser mode locking.Block diagram ParametersParametersSymbolMin.Typ.Max.UnitOptical ParametersCystalLiNbO3 X-Cut Y-PropWaveguide processAPEWavelengthl98010641100nmInsertion loss*IL78dBOptical return lossORL-40dBExtinction ratio @DCER@DC50dBPolarization extinction...
Key FeatureslC and L-Band OperationlLow insertion lossl3dB bandwidth 10GHzlExtinction ratio 35/40dBlLow half-wave voltagelIntegrated Monitor PhotodiodelTelecordia GR-468-COREApplicationslMicrowave fiber linklQuantum communicationlOptical Pulse GenerationlOptical fiber sensing systemlLaser mode lockingDescriptionThe 1550nm High Extinction Ratio LiNbO3 electro-optical intensity modulator based on the M-Z push-pull structure has a low half-wave voltage and stable physical and chemical characteristics, and the device has a high response rate, high extinction ratio(40dB) and is therefore widely used in microwave fiber link, Quantum communication, optical Q-switched systems, laser mode-locking, and fiber sensing . Schematic diagram  ParametersParametersSymbolMin.Typ.Max.UnitOptica...
KY-IQ-15-20G-PP-FAFeatures lLow insertion loss.lLow half-wave voltagelHigh extinction ratiolBuilt-in detectorApplication lSingle Side Band modulation.lQPSK, QAM, OFDM modulationlFWCW LiDARIntroductionKY-IQ-15-20G-PP-FA is a wideband, low insertion loss dual parallel Mach Zehnder interference modulator, which is prepared by Titanium diffusion process, with high bandwidth and low driving voltage. The product use X-cut Lithium Niobate chip, which guarantees stable performance, zero chirp, high reliability, and is widely used in equipment and aerospace fields.ParametersParametersSymbolMin.Typ.Max.UnitWavelengthλ153015501610nmCrystalLithium Niobate X-Cut Y-Prop Insertion lossIL56.5dBExtinction ratio@DCER2023dB3dB BandwidthBW2025GHzElectrical Return lossS11-12-10dBDC half-wav...
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